About us

We provide Financial support for people with cancer and donate to various charities so they can continue the important work they do

We grant financial support to those who have been affected by cancer. Whether that be, yourself, someone caring for someone who has cancer or friends and family. We know how hard the journey can be , so this is our way of helping relieve some of those pressures.  

It’s important to remember that cancer can affect your mental health and we want you know that you are not alone. There is practical support to help you cope with a cancer diagnosis as well as ways to help you manage the affects it has on your mental health. 

Hear at Cancer Care Trust we understand the importance of practical support. With the emotional struggle already a hard road, we pride ourselves on making that journey a little easier by selecting people and charities who would benefit from some extra help financially. 

A grant or donation helps with things such as transport, bills and everyday needs. Not only for the for the person diagnosed with cancer but for those who care for people living with cancer. We also choose specific charities to donate to, doing our part to help where we can. This enables the important work theses charities do continue and for the research into cures progress. 

 We work in partnership with Clothes Relief who collect unwanted good quality clothing, shoes and accessories. This helps raise funds, so we can help more people through their journey.